Give It Up,Trends To Let Go Please..

Dad Shoes

Let’s be honest the only reason y’all are spending the money on these shoes is because of the name . These look like the shoes I used to wear as a hostess and no matter how you dress them up , they are ugly. Stop it! The Balencagias are creative , however they are big and bulky , they probably only took $2 to make and y’all are paying $800 for them.. 

Gucci Everything

Can we stop wearing the entire Gucci fit. I get it , it’s “the drip” but you end up looking like you are not used to anything and can’t wait to put it all on..

Man Bags

I love Asap Rocky and he used to get a pass . But it has gotten out of hand, what are y’all putting in these bags. I need to understand what men need bags for exactly , no judgement I’m just confused. I know this is a trend, but I’m sick of seeing it..

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