Augustus Is Back!

August Alsina has re-emerged onto the scene after a lengthy break. He has divulged that he had been dealing with a liver  disease as well as a Percocet addiction . Glad to see him back and on the scene for good. It seems he has also been dealing with label issues, he was signed to Def Jam that will explain it all. However , he has been touring the world in his absence as a headliner for his  “Don’t Matter Tour”. I attended the US leg of the show last summer and he recently had his last show over seas earlier this year.

He also appeared on “Red Table Talk” with Jada Pinkett Smith, which he is good friends with and discussed his drug addiction. Since then he says he’s quit drugs and alcohol , he’s gained a lot of weight also👀. He dropped a cover to Kanye West song “Wouldn’t Leave” in September , in which he dropped visual to. 

Anyway back to the discussion at hand , he’s been playing snippets of “Fuck You Like You Love Me” for a while . And last month the song popped up on Spotify but was removed in a matter of minutes . He popped back on Instagram last week  , after never coming back to tell us if his house had burned down. There was footage floating around showing the BTS of the video .Today at 9pm the video premiered on YouTube and it did not disappoint me. His co-star was Miracle Watts , his “friend” either way they are cute as hell together . 

It’s very different for August because he’s never had love making content , so seeing him with a female costar in a sexual way is odd. Even though they have been linked since 2015 , his songs after that courtship shows emotional growth. You can tell that whatever they went through caused him to write several love songs about her. Miracle posted a vlog after the video was released . I’m just so happy that he is back and in his 4th year in the industry , hope he’s here to stay no more disappearing acts . 

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