Signed To Scissor Records..✂️

Imagine scrolling on your Instagram and one of your friends has a screenshot of a new SZA album up. Because she hasn’t put out music in a while and music leaked last month , I said oh they decided to put it out . However , being so thirsty I didn’t even realize that the name of the artist was Sister Solana . Now me being a fellow Scorpio , I said ok maybe she got fed up and leaked the songs herself. I hadn’t heard most of them before and because TDE runs such a tight ship I’m like yes new music. My suspision continued when the record label said Scissor and there was a song from her  2012 ep “See SZA Run” on the album with another name. 

I was really disappointed , however at this point they might as well put out the songs . They’ve been leaked twice , we want new music Solana🗣

PS : Dear hacker find Rihanna’s hard drive too, sick of this crap.. 

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