Music Crush Monday : Dave East Survival

It seems like forever ago when I bumped into Dave East on my timeline. My first thought was , “Damn he’s fine”, but being a lover of hip hop I actually took a listen . He’s an amazing rapper , taking me back to the raspy voice of Banks and totally New York if I ever heard it . So three years after his EP, “Kairi Chanel” being released we finally get an album. In the meantime , Dave has done several other projects including a joint album with Styles P called “Beloved”. He’s teamed up with some of his favorite artists, even being signed to and collaborating with Nas. 

He has done a couple acting roles , endorsement deals and collections through different brands . Including the Hulu WuTang docuseries, where he plays Method Man. He’s been on the right track and can’t wait to see what this album brings him. He dropped the track listing today and from the snippets I’ve heard it’s literally a movie . 

Check out his Survival documentary leading up to the release day of November 8..

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