Style Icons Halloween Edition: The Family

It’s no secret that every year we look for Fabolous and his family to give us a theme for Halloween. As a matter of fact they give us a theme everytime they go on vacation, a regular day , parties everything . So this year was no different , according to Emily this is Fab’s idea. Even when she’s out of town and he has the kids they are all matching . So I’m guessing this is just a tradition that was started long ago, even becoming a popular meme. 

It’s funny because the year that it seemed Emily and Fab were not together , Em still kept tradition with the kids while Fab opted for a Pablo Escobar costume . 

So this year , even with Taina being 21 and moved on her own they still kept the family tradition. This year they recruited some family friends but they still nailed it.

Recently ,since Taina has been dating G Herbo , Fab has given him the stamp of family . He refers to Herb as his son in law , so fans wanted to know why he didn’t make the cut this year.

So Halloween actually goes to The Family, everyone could have just stayed home they win every year . I don’t make the news I just report it ..

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