Personal Style: NBA Youngboy

Outside of public perception , I can say it seems like NBA Youngboy may be an interesting young man with  great taste in clothing . Let’s take a look back at some of his looks .  I’ve mentioned before how I feel like he may be making a name for himself in the style world . However , I will get into some specifics for people while may not really notice . 

At this point I believe Moncler should give him an endorsement . The pieces he chooses are rare and with most of their customers purchasing coats, it seems he loves the brand . Investing in sweaters , jackets , shirts and puffy vests . He does an amazing job of mixing high and low price brands, always pairing it with his signature Airforce Ones . There is a pages on Instagram named  @nbayoungboy_fits and @whatsonthestar that find his outfits and breaks down the prices . In his “Bring Em Out” video , him and his friends even play in his massive closet . Trying on signature pieces that we’ve all seen him in , even the famous red jacket with the fur around the hood.

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