Dear Khloe...

I really tried to ignore this family , I really did but they just want our attention so bad. The other day when I saw that she posted African American emojis , I chuckled . 

At this point this family knows that Black outrage sells and they learned that a long time ago. From the stealing ideas from black content creators , stealing their black friends boyfriends, making t-shirts with black artists on them and plastering their own pictures across them and the list goes on and on. They literally have nothing to offer but pretty pictures , the only one that has a little something to offer is the model and she paid for her career. I get tired of white women going to doctors and get our features , creating kids with black men and all of a sudden think they can profit off of this culture . Unfortunately , they don’t care anything about our culture . Keep letting Kim release black people from jail and steal the credit from a black organization that has been doing it for years .

We give too many passes to people who wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire. I don’t follow any of these people but I do see it on the blogs . Once y’all got mad about the emojis , there was no apology but continued disrespect . She doesn’t give a damn about your opinion .

However , today is the day I realized that these people are seriously doing this on purpose . 

How dare you compare being called the fat and ugly sister to being responsible for our own life ? First of all, yes we all have the same 24hours . But 24 hours being worth millions of dollars versus being raised in poverty are two different 24hours. See this is why y’all should shut the eff up forever , just don’t talk . How can your privileged a** tell me that growing up with money didn’t give you a head start in life . The problem is you fetishize black people , we are an accessory to you b*tches . 

Y’all don’t really give a damn that you have to raise these black kids that if they didn’t have you blood line,you would turn your nose up to. Those lips and ass that you bought will not prevent you from being the ugly and fat sister , because you are broken and no amount of  money can fix that . That’s why you keep going under the knife . We have to be twice as better and have degrees to get to a fraction of where y’all are.  Your connections in this industry is why you have money and because you are a WHITE WOMEN. Did you forget you were white Khloe ? No matter how many BBC you ingest  or biracial children you conceive you are a white woman with money . 

Y’all don’t even talk to black people unless they are in the same tax bracket as you . So how the f*ck can you tell the disenfranchised that we need to be accountable for ourselves and not understand that we don’t have the same damn opportunities . Just stop talking , I feel bad for these black kids growing up in this family because it seems as though they are merely just pawns . You my dear are pathetic , that is why you will continue to buy a new face every 10-15 business days .  No amount of wealth can buy you any shame and honestly I’d rather have self esteem and self love than all the money in the world !

Here’s a great article about Keeping Up Khloe’s Weekly face change 

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