Future Wears $48,000 Crocodile Birkinstock MSCHF

Future posted a picture in a pair of  $48,000 crocodile Birkinstock MSCHF . They are made from a real crocodile Hermès Birkin bag. Prices range from $34,000 USD to $76,000 USD depending on the level of Birkin Bag leather used. I hope it is an endorsement or that he got them for free but knowing Big Pluto . I’m going to assume he paid full price , either way they are dope . Future has always been able to put a look together, so I trust his fashion judgement. They are being marketed as destroyed Birkin Bags. Everyone is running to buy a Birkin Bag , meanwhile they are deconstructing them to make shoes🤣🤣. 

Would you cop them? 

You can inquire about these shoes  :

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