Does Lil Yachty miss Mariah The Scientist?

Back in June when we reviewed the RY RY World album, we pointed out some details that pointed to Yachty and Mariah being a thing. It is said that they dated years ago and that both of her albums are about him. He was even caught listening to her album from a quick post and delete, in which Mariah commented on a fanpage.

She even released ‘Master’ on Yachty’s birthday in 2019. Well he has released a mix as he does every year for his birthday and there is a popular song called ‘Lexy Sove’. Some of the lyrics  are very interesting.


Lil Yachty had a girlfriend earlier this year, no word if they are still together but he did delete all of their pictures . A blog states that she is pregnant but I haven’t found any proof outside of the young lady not taking any front pictures. She does seem to have a small pudge and hiding her stomach but he or she hasn’t confirmed .
  Is this a coincidence ? 

Mariah was also rumored to be dating Brandon Goodwin of the Atlanta Hawks. However , they have unfollowed each other so we shall see what happens. 

Based on those two bodies of work the relationship seemed toxic and I wouldn’t recommend . But the heart wants what the hearts wants and we will keep an eye on those two.


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