Did Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Breakup?

In the past couple of months we haven’t seen the couple together . For a couple that were literally attached at the hip and now seem distant is weird. Jhene has literally erased any sign of him on her page , except a birthday post from March but Sean has left their pictures up.

It wouldn’t seem odd for any other couple but seeing how Jhene is always under his posts telling how she wants to swallow his penis. Or how big his penis is every 10-15 business days , seeing her solo at a movie premiere seemed interesting .

I had a feeling we would hear about it soon when either put out a song and I was correct. They are both so transparent that I knew we would get some kind of tea. Big Sean is featured on a Yung Bleu song called “Way More Closer”(Stuck In A Box) , the video dropped last night . It’s the emotions he conveys during his verse in the video for me, like he’s reliving it all. 

Here are the lyrics:

Another thing that was noticed is that Jhene has been posting and liking cryptic post leaving one to believe that she is single . Even posted a meme of a couple that was whited out that said “Erase Me From Your Memory” and Big Sean had liked the post on meme page.

She didn’t even like or comment on his most recent post showing him in L’officiel Hommes Brasil magazine . If nothing else Jhene will repost and tell us how sexy he is, but she didn’t at all . However , they still follow each other so we may still have hope let’s keep our fingers crossed. So we will keep an eye on it and see what happens . This means no more Twenty88 and that makes me sad …

Update : Over this past weekend , Big Sean performed at Drias and this happened . In which Jhene followed up with a post on Monday August 23 morning ..

Petty wars?? We shall see and still keeping a close eye on this ..

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For a history on the couple , please check out this article 

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