August Alsina Hops On Muni Long’s Hrs and Hrs

About six days ago August Alsina popped up on our Instagram timeline with a collab version of “Hrs and Hrs” . At first it seemed that he was just remixing the song , however after a while Muni Long posted the song as well.

Today , the song was released on YouTube and SoundCloud . Let’s cross our fingers that it will be released on Apple Music and other streaming services soon.  

Unfortunately , it appears that Muni Long has not promoted this version . Fans have noticed that she only posted it in her story and has not spoke about it again. It’s sad that not that she has her shine and getting her credit, she chooses not to post his version. August did out do her on her own song , so there may be some jealousy in the mix. Their version is already at 738k views in 12 days and her version is at 3.4million in a months time . Pretty soon the August version will have more views than  the original and maybe that is where the issue lies…

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