Dear Jayda…

Social media has given us a platform to view other peoples lives , relationships , mistakes and embarrassing  moments . Either they are showing it on their own page or discussing them in interviews . Gone are the days that we have to speculate what most of our favorite celebrities are doing . However , I wish those days would return , because Instagram has ruined some of our favorite celebrities for us. 

This social media era is all about materialism and everyone is in competition with the next person. Materialism seems to be the validation that people need to show that they are more superior than others . Unfortunately , with their life being based on materialism it seems self worth is at an all time low.

The Jayda and Lil Baby saga continues . This man has publicly cheated on her several times and she has taken him back.  

There was an interview where he told the interviewer that he’s not in love with anyone , meanwhile she openly claims him. 



All he does is come back with a new car or gift . She’s even went on live saying that having a baby ruined her relationship. Sis , your relationship was ruined long before you had a baby and to say that out loud already lets us know how her brain operates. When every time you post a new gift , everyone is wondering who you caught him with this time . 

Well recently , Jayda celebrated being single on live and her friend gave her a look like she didn’t believe her . No one believed her and about a month later they were caught together  .

A couple of weeks ago, there was a rumor that Lil Baby took Saweetie on a $100k Chanel shopping spree. Jayda liked the post and started posting subliminals.

 After this moment , the stunt Queen herself Saweetie posted a photo dump a couple of days later . In the dump was a post of her sitting on a man’s lap. It didn’t take the internet long to figure out who it was and they found Lil Baby in the same shoes .

In the meantime, Quavo took the time to make a post and Jayda joined in the shade . Since The Migos and Lil Baby don’t get along anyway , this was the perfect time to take a dig at him .

Later Jayda decided to take the high road after Lil Baby denied accusations and said Saweetie was using him for clout . Jayda recently did an interview , bragging about knowing Baby had took Saweetie on a shopping spree because she has loyal store clerks . 

Honestly , that is not the flex you thought it was and stating you are thinking about rekindling things with this man is actually sadder. He has embarrassed you multiple times and you are still considering this relationship. She even blamed social media for their fallouts , like we asked them to share their business with us. It’s easier said than done to leave but by her having her own money you would think materialistic things wouldn’t matter . She claims they don’t but we can not tell.

The gifts just get bigger after every apology . It’s sad to watch a woman be a doormat and have a price on her self worth. Even Stefan Diggs tried to shot his shot, even though he’s in a whole relationship and even got threatened by Lil Baby’s friends .

Men are wild creatures , they can do you wrong all the time but as soon as you wanna move on that makes them mad. Well Christmas came and all was forgiven . Of course it was posted on social media for everyone to see but the flex is subpar when you can’t get the man to respect you the same way. Was this supposed to be a dig toward Saweetie because this is ridiculous ..

 So after it all , you have an assortment of cars, bags, jewelry and gifts but no respect from the man you love. Being a doormat has its cost and having self worth without a price tag is worth a lot more but good luck …

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