It’s Giving Very Much Belly…

Even though it had been suspected for months , we were definitely not ready for Rihanna and A$ap Rocky’s announcement . Their announcement was very subtle but grand at the same time . They always give a ghetto love story and it’s always so cute .

The photographs were taken in A$ap Rocky’s hometown of New York City . While he wore a blue Carhartt jacket with leather pants and skully with a V neck sweater , Rihanna dug in the crates for an archived Chanel coat with Chanel accessories . Each seemed to represent a gender color , being very traditional outside of the new norms .

Ever since then , Rihanna has been serving BELLY and she is not going to stop at all. This fully proves that Rihanna can do no wrong and once she does it we all may follow the wave . She clashed street fashion with maternity and has been giving looks..

Here are some of our favorite maternity looks…

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