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For years , Dess Dior has been known as Jayda Wayda’s bestfriend and upcoming rapper. However , Dess has been carving out a lane for herself in this industry and luxury rap will soon put her up there with the chart topping girls . She’s been booked at Rolling Loud three times and will make her fourth appearance in July at Miami Rolling Loud. 

She was spotted with Future almost two years ago and it seems the couple may still be together despite rumors.

 Since then it seems she has hit another level, including her song “Rich B*tch”. 

It feels like a rebrand and we are all here for it . She has also been standing out in the fashion department , stepping on the rap girls necks with her style. She even has a fan base that keeps up with looks , because she has definitely been serving the looks . It seems a lot of the looks are fresh off the showroom floor and Miss Dior gets some of the first picks. Even her and Future stepping out in matching looks has increased her style visibility . 

They may become members of our Personal Style Couple Edition soon , if they do anymore couple outings. But by them both being Scorpios , it seems the couple enjoy their privacy … 

Let’s Take A Look at Some of Her Stand out looks…

We Also Love Dess Dior’s music , here are our favorite songs..

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