Halloween 2022 Best and Worst Celebrity Costumes

This year the celebrities have gotten very creative , not so creative on the family costumes but that’s a different story for a different blog post . From the special effects makeup to duplicate outfits of original costumes. 

Unfortunately , some people missed the mark whether it was because the costume looked cheap , poor taste or it being very unoriginal. There were also alot of duplicates this year , for the love of humanity please leave the family Simpson costumes alone. Please and Thank You . So let’s get started .

Best Costumes..

Diddy as The Joker

Lizzo & Cardi B as Marge Simpson

Janelle Monae as The Fifth Element and White Wabbit

DDG and Halle as Avatar

Tierra Wack as Ms Bonita

Tyga as ET

Lori Harvey & Royalty Brown as Beyoncé 

Skai Jackson as Janet Jackson

Megan Goode as Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard 

Jayda & Dess as The Twins from The Shining

Tink as Eve

Niecy Nash and wife as A$ap Rocky and Rihanna

Jhene & Big Sean as Juno 

Karrueche as an Alien

Latto as Corspe Bride

Big Dreeze as Rihanna 


I love Fabolous and Monica, however their costumes were kinda in poor taste although very creative . Monica’s choice to have the makeup artist show the bruises from the fight before the house burned down is crazy to me. 

Due to the fact that OJ used that Bronco on a highway speed chase from the cops , that is the poor taste. Also with the alleged abuse he’s been accused of  this may have not been the best costume choice .Without the truck the costume would have been ok , but Fab is a funny guy so I get the humor. The other couple of looks cheap or not executed properly, you be the judge.

And for the love of Halloween, please someone tell Kim Kardashian her obsession with Aaliyah is strange. She dressed up North as her this year along with dressing like her as well. This will be her second time being Aaliyah from the “More Than A Woman” video and we as the black community are tired ! 

Read About the Last Time She Did It..

And on November 3rd Beyoncé blessed us..

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