October 28th belonged to the R&B Girls....

The R&B girls did not come to play on October 28th, they came to show up and show out. Some were expected on the date and some were announced the week before . However , one song overshadowed them all unfortunately because of the artists length of time from music . Her comeback was unexpected but definitely appreciated . 

SZA teased the “Shirt” snippet on her Instagram story two years ago and visually at the end of her video "Good Days" from a year ago . Her fans have been begging for the song, but with the success of the viral "I Hate You", she went with that being the next single. 

The song was announced a couple of weeks ago and initially was rumored to feature Doja , however when the song and video was released it was a solo single. 

The video is starring her and Lakeith Stansfield as a Bonnie & Clyde team of psychopathic murders. The irony of him being in this video is the fact that he was the only star of "I Hate You" . And at the end of the video, we get another song snippet, which seems to be her new formula ever since "Hit Different". Lets hope we don't have to wait another two years for the new song.

On October 24th , someone saw a pre-order for Mariah the Scientist after she tweeted her fans . Apparently, she didn't realize that the link link was already available. She was feeding her fans once again after the "Spread Thin" video and finally dropping "Stone Cold", which her and Dess Dior preformed at Prairie View homecoming. She premiered the video on Nov. 2 

She premiered the video on Nov. 4, where she walks into a record label and seeing her lover messing with a white coworker. The video seems to be inspired by a seen from "Waiting to Exhale", where Angela Bassett's character walks into the board room of her husband's law firm.

Chloe has been playing snippets of  "For The Night" for a while and never revealed that anyone would be on the song. She even revealed that the song was about her fling with rapper Gunna. 

Once she did announce Latto would be on the song, fans had a change of opinion and begged her to remove Latto. As many know , Latto got into a Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj in regards to Nicki using her song "Big Energy" as an example as to why her song shouldn't be moved to the Pop category for the Grammy's. After that the fans have been spewing unwanted hate to Latto and have been taking down on the song because of the feature however, it was still released along with the video. The song is beautiful and video was amazing starring Druski as her love interest , the two have a playful chemistry that they display online sometimes.

The fans even released a solo version of the song.

The biggest surprise for October 28th came four days before online , when a post from Rihanna herself was posted with a snippet to a new song. As everyone knows , Rihanna has not released a new solo song in 6 years instead putting herself into other endeavors and becoming a billionaire doing it. 

The video has several versions, official, lyric, visualizers, audio, behind the scenes , karaoke and other versions. I guess they said they are going to get as much from Rihanna as they can before she decides to not do music again. 

The song was written by Tems and is a dedication to Chadwick Boseman , as he proceeded the movie in death in 2020. The song is very inspirational and the Tik Tok Rihanna Navy have created scenes to the song even though it is a ballad.

In the last 9days , the official music video has over  29Million views . There is a rumor that she has another song on the soundtrack .Lets hope that we won't have to wait another 6 years for more music...

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