Mariah and Jerrika AGAIN

Mariah released a magazine cover with Galore magazine and I’m not sure if this got the girls bothered but it sure seems like it .

Mariah has been doing her thing on tour and coming up in her career , especially after “Spread Thin” went viral on Tik Tok.

Well this drama started about a week ago when Young Thug was in court and Mariah attended but someone else allegedly attended as well . Instead of Jerrika minding her business and not looking at the comments, she jumps online to throw shade as usual..

Well since the shade was thrown and Mariah caught it she defended herself .

So all of the drama died down and life continued. Mariah likes to vent or rant on Twitter which is her God given right that’s her page . However, a fan being messy responded and she replied which she rarely does.

Instead of Karlae taking in the compliment and moving on with her life she had to reply because her whole brand is Young Thug. They say a hit dog will Holla and you my friend Jerrika are in fact a pitbull. Mariah brags often about how she treats her man and how she works hard,  so how did you equate that to you unless you feel like you don’t have anything without him.

Are you insecure about what you have with him versus without him because since he’s been with Mariah you have been BIG BOTHERED and everyone sees it. She literally complimented you but you are so bitter you can’t accept it. Young Thug dogged you out not Mariah Buckles , so whatever beef you have with him leave it there . She was basically defending you and here you go with your groupie a$$ making it negative because you are indeed a fan. 

Recently, the Instagram blogs have picked up on the drama which is interesting because they are literally months late but the always are. They all post the same stuff and never step outside of the main IG drama sector . So they finally caught up and here we are today . 

Then she writes paragraphs like sis please stop .

Hopefully , Thug can get these girls under control because this is a mess. Mariah always gave main character energy and Jerrika gives co star. At the end of the day , y’all are arguing over a man facing life in prison . 

In the meantime , we’ll be waiting for the rest of the Galore Magazine spread.. and Jerrika can continue to lurk in the comments and watch Mariah perfom in arenas. If she worried more about herself  and less about Mariah and Thug she could get that thing she calls a career off of the ground..


Unknown said...

That’s Mariah’s man. Just go somewhere and keep trying girl.

Carrie Bradshaw said...

Right ������

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