These Blogs Are Miserable…

It seems like a trend to be hateful to Mariah The Scientist all of a sudden or maybe it’s always been a thing . She was just an up and coming artist until her relationship with Young Thug became public , so I guess it’s the thing to do . She’s never posted for anything positive and it’s really sad that the people that run these blogs are actually black. She’s very quiet and unproblematic, however for some reason she’s continually talked down on. 

She just wrapped up being one of the openers on the Rodwave “Beautiful Mind” tour . She did an amazing job , however thoughout the tour none of the blogs posted her performances . I found it strange because they seem to always highlight when she has a bad performance but didn’t post once she improved her show. 

Well today , two days after the tour is over they stumbled upon a clip from TikTok . It’s interesting the hate she gets because she’s definitely improved on her show. These blogs are messy and miserable . The Neighborhoodtalk posted a clip from the tour and Mariah commented, however they sure didn’t pin that. Wondering if someone is paying them to hate on this girl because it seems so unprovoked .

Her fan pages have documented every night of the tour and she’s been doing incredible . Same song in different cities , nevermind the love she gets from the crowd but highlighting her flaws.

There was a YouTuber that called herself making a ‘think piece’ or ‘deep dive’ about Mariah’s career and performances . However , she picked performances from early in her career when she wasn’t the best performer . Her first live performance in from of a crowd was in 2020 and shes improved greatly since then, but instead of highlighting her current performances she specifically focused on earlier ones. 

The way she spoke you would think Mariah had a Grammy and was on the Billboard 100 , she’s still a newcomer . However , she slowly but surely showed her true colors when responding to a fan. She’s a colorist and unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do for her , she needs a therapist .

So is it the fact that’s light skin that bothers you or do you really feel like she’s a bad artist . Seems you conveniently left out some of her great performances and focused on bad ones . This video was only posted in October and Mariah has been on her own tour but there wasn’t one video from that tour and it only ended in July. She’s also been at Coachella, Rolling Loud,Mopop and Lalapalooza..

She didn’t post any of her Quarentine performances either because they don’t fit her narrative .

It’s funny because these blogs feed the type of audience they have , they know that people love negativity so that’s how they get their views . They also know people won’t do their own research which is sad as well.. 

In the meantime , stream her new song released on 12.24 “Christmas in Toronto”

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