Dear Kim Kardashian You Are The Problem..

I normally don’t like to speak publicly on race issues . However , at this point I feel it is time I speak on some things. When it comes to race issues I just feel that some celebrities should just BE QUIET! Case and point Mrs. Kimberly “I Don’t See Color” Kardashian West . 

I was not offended when she wore this costume , however I was annoyed  when she defends herself on these small topics. When she has 3 black children that she has to raise and she doesn’t see color . Well Kim do you see color when you hop from NFL, NBA, R&B singer to rapper . If you don’t see color then why has all color or race of  the men that you’ve publicly dated and married been Black. This family will culturely appropriate our race but when it comes to racial issues in this country they have nothing to say.  

Like a couple of months ago when Jeffree Star attended her cosmetic launch and everyone was dragging for being supportive of such a bigot. 
Her response :

She is trying to tell us to forgive a racist because he supports your trash cosmetic line . How can you from outside of the African American community tell us how to feel about race ? She soon made a video saying that didn’t see what he said and tried to pretend to be emotional from all the backlash . 

“Gotta Be Quicker Than That..”

Charlamagne tha God  Gave Her Donkey Of The Day

So Kim for you to want us to forgive a racist and compare it to your sextape is horrible. When it comes to race I want her to shut up and keep being obsessed with our men and our natural body curves that she paid top dollar for to look like an upright walking ant 🐜. 

She also said she didn’t understand racism until she had black children . As if TV’s don’t exist . She is so far removed from the real world it’s insane .  Her family is the epitome of the Sunken Place. I’m still praying for Kanye West to return to us..

This world will never look at her kids more than just little black kids because that is just the world we live in . So yes maybe they don’t see color in her home but one day they have to leave that house and live on their own. What is her explanation to her children that don’t understand why they may have been called a nigger? If not for herself , she should sit her kids down and explain to them why they are different . How privileged she is and how she had a head start in life because of her rich father and why the world may not afford them the same privileges. 

Unfortunately , we may have loss Kanye because the rapper I used to know would have never let her post this apology and speak on race the way she does.. I just want her to shut the f*ck up forever..

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