Heartbreak On A Full Moon Goes Gold...

When Chris Brown released a 45 song track list everyone's initial response was ,"Wow no one has ever done that before". I have been a loyal fan since day one and have followed his music . I was not surprised because for Thanksgiving of 2015 he gave us "Before The Party" with 32 tracks.

I also understood that because of the many songs he has stashed away , giving 45 tracks on an album was easy to do . He has learned the way the music industry tracks sales and streams , he has taken full advantage of this information and I will tell you that he won't be the last artist to take this risk. While everyone was trying to understand how streams convert into sales , he invested in himself footing the rest of the cost for the additional tracks as told by Hitmaka .

This albums roll out was centered around positivity and the music. He released his documentary , a couple of complex interviews which allowed cameras into his home and minor press. He did a pop up free concert while he was in New York , as well as performing at the Tidal X Brooklyn concert for Puerto Rico Relief. His release party was held at Universal Studios on Halloween night . So I must say this has been the best roll out he has had and the music speaks for it self . 

I am a huge Chris Brown fan, Team Breezy!! So I can be very biased , however I can say that I’ve listened to all 45 songs at least 3 times each . This is his most vulnerable album and what I would expect from him coming out of such a public breakup. I would say my favorite songs are the most personal , but I honestly find myself loving a new track everytime I listen .
 My Personal Favorites ;
Pull Up
Hope You Do
Everybody Knows
**Summer Breeze
This Ain’t 
On Me
**Tough Love
To My Bed
Love Her
Redid Whip
Lost & Found
Heartbreak On A Full Moon
Only For Me
Other Niggas
Tell Me What To Do
Covered In You

He takes you through all of the emotions of a relationship , from just a sexual relationship to being deeply in love and losing love. He has outdone himself  and no matter how you feel about him personally . You can not deny his talent. Like he said you may not like a few songs but there are 45 songs and I honestly haven’t heard a bad review about the album. He bares his heart on this album , no matter how much of a rollercoaster you will understand a lot more about him by the end of the album . 

If you haven’t seen his documentary it’s available on Netflix or below 😀

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