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This year the Grammy Nominees were loaded with R&B and Hip Hop. I guess since they just realized that we have taken over Pop Culture they finally want to tap into our genres . Forget the last couple decades where we have been snubbed . This year I can finally say they got it right . Rhapsody’s “Laila’s Wisdom” was nominated and she is normally not an artist that is on the Grammy's radar. However , someone on the Grammy committee got it right. It was cohesive and very lyrical project , the production was amazing (9 Wonder) and it was all around great. 

After last year when the Grammy board changed the rules for Chance The Rapper 's Coloring Book mixtape, it seems they have finally tapped in to the new generation. SZA got  5 nominations that she definitely deserves  , her album was phenomenal .  It seems the Grammys have been paying attention to Social Media as well as the committee votes . Jay Z was nominated several times for his 4:44 project , which was a conscious album and his most personal to date. 

Even though a lot of my favorite artists were nominated , this is not a popularity contest . The artists who have the best projects should win. A lot of the songs like “Crew” and  “Get You” may potentially get snubbed due to a more popular person in the category . However, I’m just glad they were recognized. Childish Gambino is having one hell of a year and a Grammy will be the icing on the cake right next to his Emmy and Golden Globe.

Now for the snubs , a lot of artists take the Grammy’s more serious than they should. An artist will not even buy a suit or outfit for an award show dedicated to us *cough* The Soul Train Award And BET Award , but will rant about not being nominated for a Grammy. Like Charlemagne the God always says , “Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated”. If you can’t even support your own people , then why do you expect these people to support you. Q Tip ranted because they invited them to perform last year and didn’t nominate their latest  album. Sir, I just watched the Soul Train Award and I didn’t see you anywhere in the building . You even admitted you didn’t  go to the Grammy voting , you tried to play checkers while they were playing Chess. You thought by performing last year you would be a shoe in, nope.

Artists like Vince Staples doesn’t care and felt bad because everyone was saying he got snubbed. 

 I love his attitude . A lot of artists are just happy to do something they love and are able to touch peoples lives and that’s the biggest trophy for them🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m rooting for everyone that deserves it and made great projects this year.

 We had a phenomenal year in Hip Hop. I just honestly don’t want them to try to give Bruno Mars an award for the pop music he tries to pass off as R&B(that is a whole other blog post- “They Will Take Other Before They Take Black”🤣) 

So with all that being said , I think they did a good job and I can say they got it RIGHT. Oh , another thing I love Shawn Corey Carter but he has 21 Grammys already and 41 total in his household . Let’s give someone else a chance to win please , since he’s pretty much told y’all he can give a crap about a Grammy🤷🏽‍♀️

Total List of 2018 Grammy Nominations:

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