And Don’t You Ever Forget It!

It’s funny how societies definition of beauty can change based on your age and weight class. So y’all
are going to fault this woman’s weight gain for her husband cheating on her.. Don’t play with Lela , she was up there with the Halle Berry’s and Vanessa Williams of Hollywood. She is beautiful to say the least . No matter how big, small, pretty, curvy or slim you are a man is going to cheat . Unfortunately , he’s had two kids outside of the marriage and I feel bad that she even had to go through that. However , that does no stop the fact that he is the cheater in this situation. The internet is so cruel , I don’t know why I am getting  “Why Did I Get Married” Mike and Sheila vibes from this situation. Anyway don’t ever play with her like that because she’s been it.. I was thinking Lela and Eddie have played a few roles together . I wonder if the plot twist is Eddie and Lela had something going on in the 90’s and this is get back .. Hmmm.. just kidding 
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