Dear Jermaine WTF Are You Talking About?

In hip hop as of lately , there has been a new wave of female artists taking over . A lot of them I can’t really name because the names run together in my head when it comes to subject matter . However , there are definitely some dope female lyricist out there who don’t just talk about their vagina. 

I find it hilarious that people don’t support these women but then want to complain about everyone being the same . I still feel that Remy should have gotten more respect than she received when she was released from prison. She can really rap , but at the time everyone was still riding the Nicki wave and then once that was over it ended in “Shether”. The smoke cleared and here came Cardi B sliding through the cracks, not even allowing Remy her just due. Yes there have been several rappers that want to be the next Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj and don’t actual lyrics , bars , metaphors . No one seems to support the women that have something to say though, other than talking about how they are getting their rent paid in exchange for sex.

Personally , my favorite female rapper has always been MC Lyte and then Eve. Eve just released a song today and guess what the response was ? “Fuck her because she came at Nicki Minaj”. Now I will say Eve has received a lot of hate because she is on a talk show and her opinions seem a little white washed . However,  put some respect on her name she is a legend period . This generation seems to not have any respect for legends . She was just goals for marrying a white millionaire but because her job is to offer her opinions, now she’s washed up. Wow. 

Anyway, there are lyricist from this new generation I love , like Tink, Dreezy, Tokoyo Jetz ,Tierra Wack , Rapsody, Kamiyah and Young MA. I still feel like “Spar” by Dreezy is a very dope song and she held her own on a song with guys. 

I feel like these older people  in the industry like to compare a lot of old accomplishments to today . For example , Da Brat (founded by Jermaine ) was the first female solo rap artist to got platinum ever with Funkdafied. 

This was the first tape I ever purchased with my allowance and when my mother found it she threw it out , I was 6. But anywho , this is 2019 it is time to support the girls that have something to say. I feel blogs , radio , TV and other publications are the blame. You’d rather see a woman taking her clothes off and rapping than her having something say and be all about her craft. No I can’t name too many female rappers now , but I do know there are enough to enjoy whatever your rap interests are at the moment . All the new women have something to bring to the table , but you are just distracted by mainstream artists . Look a little deeper and you will find some lyrics , especially with those thick ass frames you’ve been rocking since the 90’s..✌🏾

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