BBG Baby Joe “Premeditated”

If you don’t know who BBG Baby Joe is , go and listen to “Iraq”, “In Too Deep” and “I Cant Fuck With You”. The songs will give you a brief description on who the Baton Rouge from the bottom rapper is and what he represents. As an affiliate of NBA Youngboy , Baby Joe stands out amongst the group , it doesn’t seem like he is trying to be attached musically to the multi platinum artist. He’s been mentioned in several songs by his friend and is described as the person that he can depend on if anything goes down(Solar Eclipse, Big 38, Right or Wrong). 

The Baton Rouge rapper Baby Joe hops on the “Gimme That” sample by Webbie and flips the track. Where Webbie describes a female he wants to pursue sexually , Joe describes a premeditated scheme on killing the ‘opps’. In the video we see him and his crew mapping out everyone in the with opps and everyone connected . Describing how he intends to successfully pull off the murders with the information he has obtained and from people he has watching his opponent . 

The track fits in well with the list of songs by the rapper describing living in the dangerous city , his experiences there and how to make it out ..At this rate I believe Baby Joe has a promising rap career as he represents what he calls the “Bottom Boys”. 

Also Check Out His Cute Video With His Son KK below..

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