Let Me Upgrade You!

When most people think about an upgrade , they base their conditions solely on looks. However, there are other things that contribute to "upgrading". 

So What Do I Mean By Upgrading?

Glad that you asked, well I guess it is the same as the "Level Up Theory". You know that theory that Ciara is running with , even though no one supports her outside of hating Future. But that is another blog post for another day . First , you have to recognize what you are missing in the relationship that you are in . Determine whether you want to fix the problem or move on and start over. Alot of times you could be working on fixing the problem and it is not even worth fixing. So you've literally wasted time learning what you already knew from the start , years have flown by and you are still in the same place.

To understand the "Upgrade" , you have to acknowledge that the person is not for you. They may represent who you were previously but everyone outgrows people at some point in their life. Is this person willing to change to be with you or do they feel that they don't need to change. Case in point, G Herbo from the start he has always described the type woman he wanted .

However, men seem to always do the opposite of what they say they want . They fall for the big booties and then 2 -3 years down the line realize there is no brain attached to it. 

When you realize that maybe this isn’t the person for you and that you have outgrown the honeymoon phase , you already have a baby. Case and point Ciara and Future. Now that baby has to grow up with their parents in two different households instead of one. You have realized your worth and now its time to move on.

Finding someone that supports you mentally and emotionally can be hard coming from toxicity. However , when you find your match it’s like your glow is impeccable . Someone who doesn’t just want to be with you for Instagram likes or relationship goals...

Being with someone who wants to tear you down every chance they get because things don’t go their way or try to ruin you .. that is not love . But sometimes we find out too late because once we evolved into the person we’ve always wanted to become that person doesn’t fit us..

This is a word used for toxic people who create this behavior everywhere they go. Not only is it with you but before and after you..

Meanwhile , you have moved on and are happy as ever . You’ve found someone who respects you , appreciates you , loves you unconditionally . Someone who has their own and being with you is just a plus. Someone who doesn’t want anything from you but love ..

She doesn’t have to prove anything to the internet because she doesn’t search for attention.. She follows your lead because you are her man and she trusts you are making the best decision for the both of you . Handles herself with class and grace , doesn’t have to say much because her presence speaks volumes.. Most of all your family loves her ..

Now there are a lot of people who may disagree , however  you know that you have upgraded by how your life is coming together .All the positive things that are happening in your life , I just used this situation as an example because it is so relatable. We can all say we know someone who got out of a toxic relationship and flourished.. You walk different , talk different and most of all feel different  . Your whole swag changes.. Once you decide to make those changes , you can not hold on to the dead weight.You have to move on ..

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