Dear Sean , WTF was That!

It will be a year in November since we noticed Jhené out and her Big Sean tattoo was covered. Everyone and their mother was hounding Jhené about whether they had broke up..

She was pretty much out here on the battle field alone fighting all the comments and assumptions by herself . Big Sean said nothing , he literally deleted most of his pictures and logged off..

People were already calling her dumb for getting the tattoo in the first place after the start of such a rocky relationship . But responded to comments and deleted a lot of their pictures. However , Jhene was left out here on her own . On December 17, 2019 it seemed we had a couple answers to our questions, when she tweeted this with a link . 

 The song summarized her feelings about the breakup and how she didn’t realize how attached she was. Whatever reason he gave her didn’t make sense and didn’t sit well with the singer . She felt she had wasted her time and I would agree based on the nature of their relationship.She was a married woman coming from an abusive relationship and you were her friend for years . 

She was pretty mum about the topic on social media as she always is and didn’t throw shots or anything. But on November 30, 2018 , Jhene let her fans know that she was not ok with a penned letter with her comments off..

All we saw was Big Sean like the post , not saying he had to do more but damn this girl has seemed to be going through it and you’ve said NOTHING... at all. Not a Instagram message or Twitter message. NOTHING..

Fast forward to February , Sean is spotted with Ariana a former ex after she release of  her “Thank You Next”  single. Where in the video she shows a picture of him saying he can still get it ..People began to make fun of Jhené and make jokes that once the video came out Sean was def going back to her.. Sean said nothing ! 

Then in March he finally returns from his ‘hiatus’ and speaks on mental health

In that clip people drew the conclusion that maybe Jhené was crazy and he needed a break , how I have no idea but he didn’t defend her. 

In April , after the sudden passing of Nipsey Hussle . Big Sean performed a freestyle in his honor..

A couple of days on April 15, Jhene penned a heartfelt message to Sean . She had just performed a tribute to someone she grew up with and seemed very emotional .

Still Sean said NOTHING!

May 9, 2019,  Triggered is finally released after Jhené had played several snippets over months. It seemed we finally had some answers and the internet went in on Sean but here Jhené comes defending him. Stating she didn’t feel that way anymore and they are still good.
Sean still said nothing ,that brings us to this trash ass video.. 

Sir, you have a track with the woman that you were with for about 3 years . She has been getting dragged for months because of your silence . You’ve never defended her against the rumors or allegations and you had the power to do so.. However , you get the opportunity to have her on the track stating you are single again . 

You missed the mark, you should have both been in the video inacting what really happen with your relationship . Instead you have a video dedicated to people rallying against whether you cheated on her or not. Nigga wtf!?! She has been getting DRAGGED! 

And all you care about is the fact that you are not accused of cheating . That was the most self centered sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life.. You missed the opportunity and just want to clear your name of being a cheater. How dare you , this proved that men will promise to be there for you and leave you out to the wolves so they won’t be attacked! 

Now you want to speak , I don’t know what went on in their relationship and I don’t think they will ever really tell us . But this shows men are trash as f*ck.. I wouldn’t have been able to be on that song but apparently she’s a bigger person than I will ever be. Hopefully , Jhené will tell us what happen because right  now Sean you are canceled ...

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